Give your business the tool it needs to provide superior customer service.

Get to know your clientele

Blurtbox gives your customers an easy-to-use space to leave feedback directly to your business. Because it is a private platform, you can encourage your clients to leave honest feedback, good or bad. Instead of having your customers turn to public review sites after a bad experience, Blurtbox offers them an alternative avenue, where you can actually respond to feedback privately in real-time.



Create strong relationships

Successful salons and spas are good at building relationships with their clientele. Blurtbox was created to strengthen this relationship by allowing a dialogue between you and your customer.

  • Receive notifications
  • Respond in real-time
  • Promote transparency

Gather honest feedback

Because Blurtbox allows your client the opportunity to engage in this dialogue anonymously they are more likely to give you the valuable feedback that they are too shy to tell you in person. Blurtbox is very different than other surveys and review platforms, which is why we have seen 2-3x the response rate compared to traditional feedback methods.


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