Simplify your store’s customer feedback system

In retail it can be difficult to gather feedback efficiently. Blurtbox has developed a tool for retailers that not only gathers feedback easily, but also provides you a way to respond to the feedback in real-time.

Improve your Numbers

Ever wonder why so few of your guests leave feedback? Maybe it’s because current feedback solutions weren’t created with the guest in mind. At Blurtbox, we created a tool with the store manager and the customer in mind. That’s why we have seen 2-3x the response rate compared to traditional feedback methods.



Stop Guessing

Blurtbox gathers qualitative feedback, giving you a much more rich data about your business. The easy-to-use platform, provides a dashboard that analyzes this feedback so you can see a high-level of each of your stores, and make smart business decisions based on real customer feedback.

Easy Setup

There is no excuse for not listening to your customers. In less than 15 minutes you can setup your business on Blurtbox and start gathering feedback. Click here to get started.


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