Make Customer Experience a Priority

The hospitality industry knows the importance of good customer service, so why not give your hotel every tool it needs to succeed in this area? With Blurtbox you ensure that your guests have an easy to use system to give you feedback, and allow you to respond to it in real time. This gives you the power to fix bad experiences and have insights to make business decisions based on the voices of your real clientele.

Improve your numbers

Ever wonder why so few of your guests leave feedback? Maybe it’s because current feedback solutions weren’t created with the guest in mind. At Blurtbox, we created a tool specifically for the hospitality industry with the goals of both the hotel management and the guest in mind. That’s why we have seen 2-3x the response rate compared to traditional feedback methods.



Make Smart Decisions

Because Blurtbox lets you gather qualitative feedback from your guests, it allows you to get a much better understanding of what your customers really want. This means that you can easily make business decisions based on real guest data.


Instead of making your customers fill out long surveys, Blurtbox lets them tell you what really matters to them. This qualitative feedback is then analyzed with Blurtbox’s proprietary sentiment grader that gives you a high-level snapshot of your feedback.



2-Way Communication

Blurtbox gives you notifications when someone leaves you feedback and allows you to respond to your customers in real time on your private dashboard. You can also set permissions for who you would like to receive the notifications, and mark feedback as resolved once you feel that the proper action has been taken.

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