The ultimate restaurant Customer Feedback System

Blurtbox gives you a complete customer feedback system that can be set up in your restaurant, bar, or cafe in less than 15 minutes. Get actionable insights on your private dashboard, along with the ability to respond to your customer’s feedback in real time. This means you can fix a bad experience before they even leave your establishment!

2-Way Communication

Blurtbox gives you notifications when someone leaves you feedback and allows you to respond to your customers in real time. You can also set permissions for who you would like to receive the notifications, and mark feedback as resolved once you feel that the proper action has been taken.



Actionable Data

Instead of making your customers fill out long surveys, Blurtbox lets them tell you what really matters to them. This qualitative feedback is then analyzed with Blurtbox’s proprietary sentiment grader that gives you a high-level snapshot of your feedback.

Multiple Location Analytics

Managing multiple restaurant locations has never been easier. Blurtbox allows you to see a high level dashboard comparing all of your locations, and gives you the ability to set permissions on who can see different levels.


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