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Brands Getting Feedback

  • Dominos
  • Walmart
  • Hawkers

How it Works


Get BlurtBox

Avoid negative online reviews. Give your guests an easy-to-use outlet to share feedback with you privately through the BlurtBox app.


Capture Feedback

Make listening to your guests easier. Receive and review real-time customer feedback in your personal online dashboard.


Enhance Customer Experiences

Don't let one bad experience tarnish your reputation. Use the feedback you collect to create more positive interactions and establish long-term customer loyalty.


BlurtBox was created to bridge the gap between customers and businesses in the hospitality industry. We give your customers an easy-to-use, comfortable space to share their comments with you, and give you a private dashboard to receive and react to that feedback. Spend less time worrying about negative online reviews, and more time listening to what your customers are thinking, with BlurtBox.

  • Collects customer feedback
  • Keeps reviews private
  • Instantly sends feedback to your private dashboard
  • Anonymous commenting encourages feedback
  • Quick and easy for customer and manager
  • Improves customer service

About BlurtBox

BlurtBox was built on the belief that customers should always be heard, and that businesses should always be listening and responding. That no customer service issue should go unresolved, and that public negative reviews can be avoided. Our platform gives your customers a way to speak up, and allows you to listen to what your customers are saying. Give your customers more of the things they like, and less of the things they don't with BlurtBox.